Distinctive Designers & Builders, a family owned and operated business, represents the pinnacle of what several decades of craftsmanship, vision, and quality can achieve.  Bob Griffin, the company founder and owner since 1980 started the business as a small general contracting company within a small target area.  However, the business grew substantially over the years mostly through word of mouth due to the quality work and unique designs that were consistently delivered.  Bob continues to specialize in creative designs for all aspects of home improvement and often described as “out of the box” thinking by our customers when it comes to home renovation.  As the company grew over the years, son, Marc Griffin joined the business and now oversees every detail of the job to make sure that Bob’s beautiful designs are translated into a quality product that is delivered in a timely fashion.  Marc is the “go-to” guy once the project gets underway and will ensure that the homeowner is always “in the loop”.   Daughter, Melissa eventually joined the team and works closely with Bob on the design aspect to give a “woman’s touch”, as well as, acts as the customer service expert to ensure that the homeowner is involved and informed every step of the way.  Every detail from the design process including hand drawn architectural plans and 3D images of the proposed project, to the sometimes daunting permit process, to the final construction stage is scrutinized and refined so that our family will deliver a DISTINCTIVE  job to be enjoyed by your family for many years to come.


A warranty is only as good as the company delivering it; DD has been around since 1980 proving that we have STAYING POWER. Even through the worst economic times, we continue to deliver quality work to our customers without cutting corners in order to save money. We continue to take care of our customers for years after their projects are complete; that is the reason many of our customers are “repeat customers”. Our customers’ know and trust that all they have to do is call us and we will be out to take care of any problems that may arise on their job. We offer a warranty on the construction portion of the project that is backed by a manufacturers warranty for the materials used.