In the past few years, decks have completely transformed from simple square wooden structures to elaborately designed outdoor rooms.  This trend has quickly “caught on” and people are taking full advantage of all the features available to make a deck a stylish and comfortable outdoor living space.  These spaces can be multifunctional  to provide the homeowner with endless possibilities such as relaxing with family, gathering for meals, or entertaining friends and family.  Some of the most popular features on trend in the deck industry right now include maintenance free materials, roofs or enclosures, fireplaces and firepits, flowing designs and elaborate lighting, to name just a few.

Here are some of the latest trends in decks:

Composite Materials: Many people are opting to build their decks using composite materials vs. natural woods for many reasons including the low maintenance associated with the product and the lifetime warranty offered.   Although these materials are more cost upfront, people are more willing to spend in order to save time and money in the long run to maintain natural wood materials.  There are many colors and styles of composite materials to choose from that mimic the look and feel of real wood. Therefore, you get the appearance of a beautiful wood deck without the headache to maintain it.

Circular  Design:  Circular shapes have become more popular in the past couple years; they give the deck with a more “flowing” design and style.  There are many ways to incorporate a curve into the deck design to enhance the beauty and style, while still providing functional and usable deck space.  Curved deck areas add more cost to the project due to the increased labor costs to bend the materials, but with the right design they can be worth the added cost.

Roofs or Enclosures:  This is by far one of the biggest trends in the deck building industry right now.  Homeowners are adding roofs or screened enclosures to their decks to provide protection against the harsh environmental elements, as well as add style to the deck design.  A roof or enclosure over your deck will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space despite hot sunny days, rain, or pesky bugs.  It is a sure way to add comfort and protection so you can always enjoy your deck regardless of what “Mother Nature” has planned. An added bonus of a roof or enclosure over the deck is the ability to install cool lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, heat lamps, and/or televisions to the space.

Outdoor Kitchens:  This trend continues to grow in popularity.  An outdoor kitchen or grill area is the perfect feature for a deck, especially for homeowners who love outdoor entertaining.  Not only does it add style to the space, it also adds a lot of function for home entertaining or just cooking out with the family. There are endless options for outdoor kitchen features such as grills, refrigerators, and cabinets for storage that are custom built into the structure. The feature can be finished with stone, brick, granite, marble, decking materials and more to compliment the house and deck.

Fireplace or firepit:  This is a great feature to extend the use of a deck into the colder fall and winter months.  By adding a fireplace or firepit, the homeowner can stay warm while still enjoying the outdoors when the weather usually forces you indoors. A fireplace or fire pit can be custom designed to compliment the house and deck while adding a ton of ambiance to the space.

Storage areas:  Many people are looking for more outdoor storage, and under the deck is often a great solution.  A dry storage area can easily be added  to decks that are built higher up.  It can be a simple dry storage area or a more elaborate custom shed.  It is a great way to utilize the dead space under a deck while adding another design feature to the deck. Homeowner’s can use the space to store all their beautiful deck furniture and garden accessories during the off-season.

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