Deciding on what deck materials  to use when building a new deck on your home or when simply replacing the decking and railing on an existing structure can be a challenging task.  There are so many deck materials on the market today to choose from and a lot of information to comb through.  It seems that the frontrunners in today’s market are Trex and Timbertech.  There are many other great products out there but maybe not as well known.  So the big question is “what is the difference between Trex and Timbertech?”.  As a contractor, we have used both of these decking products a lot over the years, along with many others.  We do not push one over the other…..we just guide the homeowner in their decision making.  Many homeowners already know what decking product they want to use because they either visited a deck supplier showroom, or knew someone that used that product.  However, others are seeking advice on which is the best product.  Here are some simple guidelines when considering either Trex or Timbertech for the deck project at your house.  Price: they are pretty comparable in price and both offer different product lines ranging from less expensive to most expensive.  Trex offers Trex Select (least expensive), Trex Enhance, and Trex Transcends (most expensive).  Timbertech offers Timbertech Terrain (least expensive), Timbertech Tropical, Timbertech Legacy (most expensive).  Appearance and Style: Each line offers a variety of colors with the least expensive lines offering standard monotone colors, and the more expensive lines offering variegated colors.  Aside from color they differ in appearance by wood grain; Trex has a deeper grain whereas Timbertech has a smoother finish.  Both companies offer railing systems to match or coordinate with the decking colors and style.  The railing choices are abundant when you factor in the various options such as baluster styles, mix and match colors, and profiles.  In addition, both companies offer a hidden fastener system so that the screws are not visible on the decking.  Warranty and Reputation:  Both Trex and Timbertech offer great 25-Year warranties.  I have witnessed both companies honor their warranty for the product when the product experienced problems after installation, so I am confident in their warranties.  They both have experienced problems with the product in the past which may have tarnished their reputation many years ago, however it seems that they have perfected the  newer generation of deck products and eliminated all the problems from the past.    We haven’t had any problems with either product in the last several years.

Since Trex and Timbertech are comparable in price (higher then some other products on the market), offer the same warranty, and have a good reputation, then your decision will probably come down to color and style.  It is a good idea to check at the products at a local deck product supplier to determine what type of grain you prefer and what color(s) you like best.  Don’t forget there are other great decking products on the market as well.   Contact Distinctive Designers & Builders if you would like a free consultation.  We can guide you through the process and help you make a decision; we also provide you with a deck design and 3d image to help you visualize the deck on your home.

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