So, you have decided to build a home addition.  The idea of moving may have crossed your mind, but you like many others have decided to stay put and build an addition.  What now?  Well, first you would want to find a builder who can also design the addition; otherwise you will need to hire an architect and then find a builder to work off the plans.  The latter approach usually costs you more.  Once you find a builder to work with, you will need to consider many factors for the design of the home addition:

  1.  What do you want to use the addition for? Is it to enlarge the kitchen, add a family room, add an extra bedroom, or maybe a home office?  This is the decision that will help determine all other factors
  2. Where will you put the addition?  Many homeowners chose to build off the back or side of the house, but you can also add up.  Your builder should be able to help you determine where you will be able to build according to township codes including yard setbacks and allowable coverage.   You also want to make sure that the addition is designed to blend nicely with the existing house and compliment the existing exterior materials.
  3.  Budget.  Does what you want fit with your budget?  If not, your builder should offer solutions to help you build an addition at your desired budget.
  4. Permits and Inspections.  Your builder should be able to help you obtain the permit and ensure that all appropriate inspections are complete during the building phase.

A home addition is a great way to accommodate you and your family’s growing needs while allowing you to stay in the home and neighborhood you love!  Not to mention, a home addition is a great way to add instant home equity.

Contact Distinctive Designers & Builders for full home addition service.  We design the addition to compliment the existing structure and build using top quality craftsmanship.  Free consultation #610-534-9054

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