Looking to improve your home and add some style to the exterior or interior?  Have you considered adding stone veneer?  If not, this is why you should…..  Stone veneer is a simple home improvement project that can add texture, color, beauty, and an element of design to the most simple home features.  Adding stone can totally transform the look of your home on the exterior, as well as the interior.  Using stone or brick veneer is great way to add the authentic look of stone without the cost.

El Dorado stone is one of the great products on the market; they cast ” every piece of El Dorado stone from a special mold of an actual stone” to give the same detail, texture, color, size, feel, and shape of stone.  You wouldn’t even know the difference!

Ok, so now you are convinced that adding stone veneer to your home is a great design feature, but where do you put it?

Here are a few ways you can add stone to the interior or exterior of your home:

  • Exterior Walls: you can add stone  or brick veneer to the entire exterior face of your house to give your house a fresh new look.  If you are tired of your existing siding or stucco, or have old brick that just doesn’t look modern; this is a great way to renovate the exterior of your house and give a brand new appearance.  If you don’t want to reface your entire home, you can consider just doing a portion of the front of your home to give a wainscot effect; his will still modernize the exterior and compliment your existing siding or stucco without the added expense of finishing the entire exterior.  What about just adding stone to the face of your garage to give some “pop” to your home?  The possibilities are endless.
  • Deck or Patio: do you want to add some interesting features to your existing deck or patio, or do you have a deck or patio project in the future?  If so, adding stone veneer features is a great way to add beauty, comfort, and interest to your outdoor space.  You can create an outdoor kitchen or outdoor fireplace that is faced with stone veneer to really create a cozy outdoor space.   Do you have a roof over your deck or patio?  If so, you can consider wrapping the posts in stone to create custom columns.  There are many options to add stone features to your deck or patio.
  • Interior Features:  adding stone veneer to interior walls may seem like an odd idea if you have never seen it before but it is definitely on trend.  An accent wall covered in stone instantly adds texture, color, and warmth to your space.  It can be used anywhere in your home as a great design feature. It can be used in a basement remodeling project for an accent wall or part of a custom home bar area.  It can also be used in kitchens or bathrooms to give a more rustic feel to the space.  You can update your old fireplace with a perfectly designed stone façade.  There are so many ways to renovate the interior of your home with stone veneer; the right design will make all the difference.

Distinctive Designers & Builders can help you decide where a stone or brick feature would add the most beauty and give your home it’s fullest potential.  Call us for your home renovation project!  We will help you design the space and then build it to perfection.  #610-534-9054

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