Have an older home? Layout not quite like the newer homes? Want the charm of your older home but the layout of a newer home?
Well, it sounds like a home renovation may be your answer. Renovating your current layout may give you that open concept you have been seeking but didn’t quite know how to achieve. You may be able to knock down walls, redesign spaces, or eliminate useless rooms to give you the space you need.
On the other hand you may want to consider adding space with a home addition. When done right, a home addition can add value to your house, add much needed square footage, and give you a better layout. Home additions are growing in popularity as homeowners seek to stay put but have needs that their current homes don’t provide.
Hiring a contractor who can provide the architectural designs as well as build is the best way to go. By having the same team design and build your project you ensure that the details are not lost in translation between designers and contractors. Also you will have a better chance of staying on budget. Designers and architects do not always have a grasp on how much it will cost to construct their designs. When a homeowner presents a design to a contractor that cannot be built within their budget, they must go back to the drawing board. This back and forth in the design process can be costly. When working with a contractor who also provides the design, you are more likely to get a design that is reasonable for your budget.
Home additions can be added to any part of your house as long as it follows the township codes. Homeowners renovate and add to their living space by building single story additions, building two story additions, adding rooms above garages, converting garages to living spaces, adding an attached or detached garage, converting their basements to functional living space, and more. A professional consultation would provide you with ideas on how to renovate or expand your living space to better meet your personal needs.
Distinctive Designers & Builders is available to provide you with a design consultation. We design the space, provide the plans for the permit, and build to perfection! Call now for your free consultation #610-534-9054 or contact us a www.dd-builders.com

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