What is the big difference between a Screen room and a Sunroom addition?   Here is a builder’s perspective on the pros/cons of each project when considering to add this type of space onto your home.

A Screen room is considered a 3-season room because it can be used mostly year round with the exception of winter (on the east coast that is).  Often a Screen room is an enclosure added to a patio or deck.  It offers the protection from the elements such as rain and pesky bugs, but allows you to still feel connected to the outdoors.  Screen rooms also allow you to keep nice furniture, heaters, ceiling fans, an outdoor tv, and more outdoors that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to do on an open deck or patio.  Many people opt to create a space that has both an open deck or patio as well as an enclosed screen room area so that the outdoor space is versatile.  A screen room is a great way to expand your outdoor living space without the expense of a full home addition or sunroom.

On the other hand, homeowner’s have the option to add a sunroom addition onto their home.  A sunroom is a 4 season room that can be used year round regardless of the weather.  A sunroom is basically a home addition that is built with a lot of windows and doors to allow a lot of natural light into the room.  A sunroom  connects you to the outdoors because of all the natural light that flows into the space, but offers the full comfort of being indoors.  You have the option to open the windows and doors to allow the breeze to flow through, but you also have the option in the colder months to keep them shut and allow the heating system to warm up the space.  Naturally, a sunroom or home addition is going to be more expensive then a screen room addition but can be worth every penny!

There are many options to adding an outdoor living space that can be designed and built to meet most budgets.  Distinctive Designers & Builders will help you design the perfect outdoor space that meets all your needs and is within your desired budget.  Our team of experienced builders will make sure that the designs are transformed into quality spaces.  Call now #610-534-9054 for a free consultation on your screen room, sunroom, home addition, deck or patio project.  Visit us at www.dd-builders.com

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